Cheap and Colorful Nokia 2220 Slider Mobile Phone

Are you the fans of cheap Nokia mobile phone? Although Nokia 2220 is a new mobile phone that will be present in the fourth quarter of this year, but they have been introduced early. Shaped slider, equipped with a VGA camera and FM radio, plus with MP3 player. This mobile phone has color display, with a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels. But, alas, Nokia 2220 internal memory is only 10MB and can not be added with external memory cards. For data transfer, this new slider phone supports for GPRS only, runs on GSM 900 / 1800 MHz frequency. Read more »

New Ability of iPod Touch With Voice Control Feature

Perhaps this news is very great for the users and fans of the iPod Touch. Because Apple has to bring voice control feature on iPod Touch. This means that you all have been able to use this device to record video and sound. The capacity of this new gadget also has increased, available from 32GB and 64GB. But there’s still some shortcomings, which do not have a camera feature, unfortunately. If you do not know, Apple released iPod Touch gadget is specifically for gaming devices. Because this device has the affordable price, that’s the reason why the iPod Touch device is not equipped with a camera. Lowest price starting from about $200 – $300. Read more »

I have Some Funny Toys Which Materials Made From Fragrant Roots: Unique Horses, Elephants And Turtles For Christmas Gifts

Well, this article was really very special for me, as well as to celebrate my 400′s article. But, do not worry, I still loyal to technology, gadgets, news and TV shows preview topics which I usually write in this site. This time is a little differently than usual, I just to remember you, that Christmas holidays will arrive not too long anymore. We all believe that God will truly born again on December 25, we will get new spirit, new life, but only if we would like to change our life, our heart and our mindset at all. God will always guide us wherever we are. Read more »

The New Standard Wi-Fi 802.11n Has Arrived, Faster And More Efficient

Recently, wireless standard organizations (IEEE) stated that they had admitted a new standard Wi-Fi communication which is better known as IEEE 802.11n. This standardization has been tested and they found the fact that the IEEE 802.11n is faster, more reliable and make wireless networks work more efficiently. If someone does the data transfer or streaming content in HD quality / resolution, so they can feel better performance. Likewise, when doing a VoIP connection, it will be felt more quickly. Read more »

Handy Steno U-Ring AH326 USB Drive From Apacer, Available From 2GB

From time to time the USB flash drive is always expanding rapidly. I still remember very clearly, in the year of 2004, at least, there was not so many available USB drive that size above 256MB. Recently, Apacer have confirmed that they will soon release a modern USB drive, which is called Handy Steno AH326. This flash drive features a sliding cover with U-Ring design, looks very great and sweet. Read more »

Nokia 7705 Twist, Unique Design With Sophisticated Camera

This time it’s really a unique mobile phone I’ve ever seen, namely Nokia 7705 Twist. This phone has just been introduced by Nokia and Verizon Wireless. Most likely will be available on the market through for purchasing online on September 13, 2009, while going to be at Verizon Wireless Communications Stores starting next September 21, 2009. Nokia 7705 phone is an unique-shaped box can be rotated to open a full QWERTY keypad. There are functionalist buttons on this Nokia 7705 Twist for quick access to text messages, enable the 3 megapixel camera with auto-focus, web browsing, V CAST Music with Rhapsody, voice command and speakerphone. Read more »

Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 From Microsoft

Do you need a mobile keyboard to meet your daily needs? Usually, you use the laptop at home and use the netbook in the office? If so, maybe this keyboard from Microsoft which is called as “Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000″ is very suitable for you have. As its name implies, it uses Bluetooth connectivity, very comfortable at all, and even the keyboard is equipped with Bluetooth wireless capabilities without the need for a transceiver. Microsoft also reveal that this keyboard is probably the thinnest ever produced, almost equal to the type of AAA batteries. Read more »

Motorola Cliq Smartphone With Android

Motorola has just released a new mobile phone called the Motorola Cliq smartphone some time ago which is also equipped with the latest Android operating system. This phone was first introduced in the mobile mini-conference in San Francisco, California. According to the plan, Motorola Cliq will be marketed with third largest carrier in the United States, T-Mobile. About the Motoblur interface? Did you know its function? probably this interface is designed to provide access to web services like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail from one screen. Read more »

Final Fantasy XIII on Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360?

Did you like the legendary video game, Final Fantasy (FF) series? If you liked, it indicates that you have ever played this game in the past time, sure? Yes, I guess, but I don’t know which version exactly. And, in the near future, about in the middle of December 2009, Square Enix, a video games creator from Japan will release the latest version named Final Fantasy XIII for Japanese market. Of course, for those of you who do not have a PlayStation 3 game console, like it or not you should buy it so that you can play this great game. Read more »

Palm Pixi Smartphone by Palm Inc. And Sprint Nextel Corp.

Do you still remember with Palm Pre? If I’m not wrong, this smartphone has been released by Apple Inc. since last June 2009. Recently, the company will launch its newest product called the Palm Pixi, the latest version of the Palm Pre. Of course, this handset is lighter and cheaper, which will be sold through Sprint Nextel Corp. Palm Pixi is going to use WebOS, with price range between $150, which is much cheaper than Palm Pre. Read more »

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